Friday, September 11, 2009

Our "Ninja Turtle"

So we have lagged on our blogging....I blame it on summer, travel,and moving I have too many great moments to capture on here, but I will try to post a few. Our little "ninja turtle" (appropriately coined by Aunt KSteph) is growing before our eyes, and seems so old already. I would say he lost his newborn look and has filled out into a mini version of his dad. I simply love being his mama. He is the sweetest baby, and his personality is so funny (we are partial I guess;) I always have my camera handy to capture the best moments of my day. Hmmm a few things about his personality lately...He loves to sit up on the couch next to us, he hates his carseat, he loves to be sung to, he is really curious, so he always has to crane his neck back to hear voices or sounds. His favorite toy right now is a crinkle book because of the noise it makes (He tries to eat it). He sleeps a ton, He loves talking to his daddy, and like father like son...does not like shoes....Here is a few of my favorite pics as of late: