Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Seeing Snow for the first time through his eyes.

This year jolly old St. Nicholas granted me one of my ultimate Christmas wishes...A White Christmas:) We woke up to snow Christmas Eve in St. Louis and I knew Gabriel would love it. He had never played in the snow before so I was lucky to get his reaction on tape...

Dad was still sick that day but he made it a point to be a part of Gaber's first snow experience, cuz he is a supper daddy:) And its reasons like these Gaber and I love him so much...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Feast of St. Nicholas

A day that will be well remembered for us....the day Gabriel got his first train set on St. Nicholas on Dec. 6th. We watched him watch Thomas the train move around the track for hours. Gabe and I agree it was possibly one of the best moments of Christmas Season.

The love affair has not ended either. It has only grown. He plays, sleeps, and dreams all things Trains.

I am so thankful for my little boy. His joy is contagious.

Thanksgiving 2010

I am way behind, but have to write down and remember some wonderful moments from Thanksgiving..

1) Getting to have Nanna Gennie here for a whole week. She drove so far to spend time with us. Gabriel loves it and so do we. She brought Sophie and Mac this time which couldn't have been more exciting for the kids!
2) Getting to spend Thanksgiving dinner with my sister Maria and her family for the first time in 8 yrs!
They have been a blessing to us these past few years in Beloit. Maria and I collaborated on the meal and made all our traditional favorites.
3) Finding my very curious boy eating crayons while we were eating the Turkey Dinner. Quite memorable.

(Going on a walk with Nanna)
Thanksgiving morning.
What kept Gabriel occupied.
Before getting his own first set of trains, he borrowed Nicholas' :)

We can't wait till you are here baby! You are 20 weeks old here:)
    Beautiful table setting courtesy of the hostess with the mostess.

What Gaber decided to eat for Thanksgiving Dinner: black crayons. 
You just got to laugh during these moments:)

Moments worth noting...

Sometimes I wonder why I take hundreds of photos and videos of Gabriel when I never have time to print and post them....but then I capture moments like these and remember why its worth it...
He likes to hold hands, and he was so excited Miss Pudding let him:)

At his buddy's bday party. He really liked the fire dog:)

I want to always remember how yummy his feet looked in his Thomas boots...

We water the dead plants in the winter because it makes him feel useful ;)

So these are just a few reasons why following him around with a camera is so worth it.