Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our Little Ninja.

OK, so Anna and I were sitting in mass yesterday (a spanish mass, which means el gringo understood next to nothing. Thank the Lord the mass is universal) when suddenly I place my hand on my wifs's stomach. Now as you already know the baby is a little fireball of energy, and it must love Jesus uberly because it is always extra active when with Him, but what you may not know is that this little atom bomb also has a bit of an attitude. "How do you know, gringo?" you may be asking... well I'll fill you in. As I was feeling Anna's belly I suddenly came across a large hard ball lurking under the surface. I wanted to yell out, "I found the head!" for it was my first experience of the noggin. I refrained and simply whispered it to Anna as I proceeded to rub and gently push on that spot. Suddenly the head shifted away from me so I went in search of the feet, and found it due to a few light kicks and a little bit of pressure. So I shift my fingers over the exact spot where I felt the activity a waited. Suddenly I felt two distinct little feet pushing on my fingers... so I push back. Wrong idea to mess with the "Seed of Hansel," for suddenly the feet retreat only to return with 4 pounding ninja kicks that come as fast as lightning and reverberate through my fingers like lingering thunder... BLAM(left) BLAM(right) BLAM(left) BLAM(right). Then just like that... whooaa (you have to do that sound effect like a soft whisper) it was gone, retreating back into Anna, leaving me in a state of shock and awe. Believe you me, this one's got an attitude!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hope and Grace

Here is why we are given motivation to seek the face of God more in our lives, and live our faith at a deeper level than before. It is people like my cousin Luci and Chris that inspire those in their lives to reach higher and love truer. We look up to them as role models......

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"You have a very active baby"....

This is what every nurse and doctor has said about our baby when trying to catch a heartbeat or during an ultrasound. Now I just warn them ahead of time that they may have a hard time finding the babe. It is crazy how much I feel this little one moving now. I seriously think somedays its doing Tae-Bo. I am getting constant punching and kicking, which makes my day to day life so much more entertaining....especially when its in the ribs or the bladder! Its incredible though. I love it b/c its those little constant reminders that there is a baby person in there! Gabe gets jealous because he can't feel it as much, and often times when he tries to catch it the baby will suddenly stop moving:p
One of the coolest parts of it all is that for a couple months now, when I go to Mass, the baby will inevitably start kicking after I receive Christ in the Eucharist. Call it ironic but Gabe and I agree that it only makes sense that babies, the purest of souls can recognize its creator:)
Looking forward to meeting the face behind all this activity inside!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

And God said, "It is good....."

So we are joining the bandwagon. We thought the time has finally come to create some space to keep all our friends and family updated on the many adventures and misadventures of our new family:) We are taking each day of our new life as an opportunity to seek and understand God's infinite love for us shown through the people we meet and the places we go.....and especially through our nearest and dearest. To say Marriage has been a blessing is an understatement, but the closest word to describe what amazing love God can reveal through his will in your life. We look forward to the arrival of our baby, aka "Lil' Liese" , "Gabanna", or "Hanseletta" as it has already been nicknamed. Well, we not only look forward to....we are practically jumping out of our skins to meet the baby that God has planned for us since the dawn of creation(in Gabe's words). We have decided to wait to find out whether it is a little girl or boy in order to keep up with the family tradition of surprise in the delivery room:) The baby reached 28 weeks yesterday already! We have less than three months to prepare for the greatest adventure yet.......