Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer is slipping away!

Fall is my absolute favorite season. The weather, festivities, and coming of the holidays make the Fall most exciting. I am sad however, to see the summer go. It really has been a wonderful summer. We got to see lots of family and friends, and enjoy some lazy weekends. Some of the highlights...

discovering confetti at Jordan's wedding...

being ridiculously cute in his mini tux at Matt's wedding

when you love someone, you go the extra mile;)
our camera always blurs during life's most precious moments. (4th of July)

He's part amphibian. His feet are so yummy. 

We got to spend some time with Oma and Opa. We loved every minute:)

Gabriel loved time with Nanna Gennie and cousin Novi:) Wish we could see them more often!

Nothing cuter than a boy and his teddy bear.

No caption is good enough for this one.

See why we don't want summer to end?
I promised myself I would be better about updated my family blog. Something about having to log in with Gabe's email address that always makes it seem more of a task than it really is.
Will be back soon:D