Thursday, February 3, 2011

St. Louis - Christmas 2010 Part 1

 "Bear" goes with us everywhere now. He usually rides in the carseat like so. 
This was the first five minutes of our trip to St. Louis for Christmas:)

Breakfast with Uncle Pete and Paul the morning after we arrived:) All Zuniga boys love their cereal.

Baking cookies with Grace and Gi. 

Grace very seriously asked me to wear this apron so we could match. I was humbled by the fact she saw me to be small enough to fit.....hmm. I love the way children see things.

Painted nails and very thick lightbulb cookies.

Annual trip to Barnes and Nobles....we were thankful for the train table in 
the kids section:)

 Gabriel had such a good time that he didn't want to leave. I literally had to drag him kicking and flailing out the door as customers sympatheticaly watched the poor mom with the kid with the meltdown:) Thankfully Uncle Phil was there to help get him to the car. (Gabe was home sick)

 Cookie Decorating at its finest!

Andrew and I took a picture of eachother at the same time with our cameras cuz we're cool like that;)

I laughed throughout this cookie contest event because the creations were most original and creative this year....and maybe a little absurd. Some worthy of note.....Phil's "Pregnant Tricia" cookie, Paul's Nutcracker cookie, Madeline's perfect bell, and Grace's giant candy cane.

We had events and fun planned every night....although it changed by the minute, it was just so enriching to be around my whole family. Each and every one of them are such a big part of my heart:)

Family photo outtakes 2010

I decided not to do family photos this year......and then changed my mind after receiving so many wonderful cards from out of town friends. Its such a great way to keep in touch. So we took them the week before Christmas of course! After 100 shots you are bound to get one that works. Maria did an amazing job with her new spiffy camera and making Gabriel smile. I like looking at all his faces in the outtakes:)