Sunday, November 21, 2010

Please never grow up!

As of late I have been insisting he wear his robe and slippers. He agrees only because the robe has a car on it. Right now, he loves to line up his cars in a row. His current obsession is trains. We are hoping Santa will bring him some:)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The game of T-ball

His new favorite outdoor activity is T-ball. 
His daddy gave him a lesson and now he he swings professionaly;)

Cousin Love

We love having cousins down the road. Christiana was feeling friendly and gave Gabriel a ride, which he took full advantage of as you can see.

He eats and sleeps at the same time...

Pumpkin Farm Round 2

Like I said, we love the fall:) We went to Lincoln, NE for the weekend to visit Lindsay and John and head to Roca Berry Farms (insanely huge and fun dream pumpkin farm). Gabe and I had a blast....mainly watching our son enjoy every part of the day.

He was old enough to get a hand stamp:)

He thinks he can lift heavy objects and take them home.

The best moment of my day! Such a thrill seeker. He wanted to go down on his belly-over and over.

 I felt sorry for the goat. He survived Gabriel's loving attention.

Of course there were breaks for snacks.

Rose is his favorite friend right now. She watches over him and tolerates Gabriel's need to hold hands at all times:) He asks for "Rothe" on a regular basis.


(Evidence of a fun filled day.)