Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gabriel and his baby sister ...

I can't stop watching this video. Its only the start of a lifelong friendship....

Veronica Rose- 4.11.2011

Veronica Rose became a part of our family on April 11th, 2011, and we are head over heels! I shared the birth story on IHOD. The first few weeks have been really good! So far, she sleeps and eats very well, and loves to be talked to. I loved the time we had as a little family when Gabe got to take off work and help me adjust to being at home with the two. My love only deepens for my husband each year we are married,and as God grows our family. He takes so much responsibility and offers so much care to me and the kids.....He is such a selfless man, and I pinch myself on a regular basis. I am so lucky.

My heart swells just looking at this. Gabe has dreamed of a little girl for a long time.

Gabriel is enthralled with "baby Monkah"...and takes his role as protector very seriously. He asks her "what's the matter baby? Kiss it?" on a regular basis. He uses an extra high pitched tone and whispers when necessary. His love for his sister makes the new baby experience extra fun. Its beautiful to see how God designed the family. The love you can find in your family is like no other place.
We are so blessed to have some family close by. Sharing this time with my sister and her kids has been a small dream come true. We always wanted to have kids at the same time and live next to eachother. Little pudding and Nicholas are so sweet to Veronica.

She's all cheek. We think she is going to look like her brother:) 
I have so many thoughts, emotions, and pictures to share, but both babies are sleeping so I need to take advantage and catch a nap myself! 

I can't get over how you can feel immediately connected to your children,as if you always knew them, that you would die in an instant for them, and that by looking at them you see a part of your heart and soul. Gabe and I always say, we can't wait for the rest of our lives with them!