Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2 years too old.

Every birthday of my children will be bittersweet for me. I just know it. I keep telling Gabe that "this phase is the best. I don't want them to get any older." But the truth is, you can't stop time so you have to just soak it up as it passes. Gabriel's birthday was lumped into Easter and new baby craziness this year.
It was still special though because my family was here for a little last minute cupcake and present celebration:) This blue eyed boy will never know how much happiness and laughter he brings to his daddy and me....

You have always loved stuffed animals. You were so excited to win this one at the Easter egg hunt.

Animals make you happy on any day or time. Your favorites are dogs and lions.
Bear continues to go with you many places and was your very best baby Veronica is your best friend.
Handsome little man on Easter Sunday with Nanna and Papa.
They were here to celebrate your 2nd birthday with us! 
You managed to get out a little blow for your candle;)

Your friends and cousins were excited to see you open your presents! But dad was most excited of all. He assembled your new bike for you and could hardly wait to give it to you!

Your new favorite engine Gordon and Tender! "Mama Yook! Goooordon!!"

Fairy godmother loves you very much. She sent this present that will last you all summer long...a giant pool!

Aunt Tricia and Uncle Phil knew exactly what you would like. You sat and stared at this coloring book all week.

Practicing around the house in your spiderman slippers.

Aunt Mimi also sent you tons of Thomas the tank decor to celebrate your birthday just right:)

There are so many things your dad and I love about you and want to are just a few:

-"Daddy, I'm huuunnngry" is a new favorite phrase of yours.
-You play with your trains for hours every day. Listening to the conversations you have with them is very entertaining. It usually involves something traumatic."Heeeeeeeelp!!! cried Thomas"
-You are still a waterbug. You will play for hours in the bathtub or pool if we let you.
-You are the sweetest big brother. You always make sure I know when "Baby Monkah" is crying. You give her tons of hugs and kisses and ask her is she wants to watch Thomas with you. I never could have imagined how much joy could come from watching you interact with her.
-If you get hurt, it is only better if I kiss it.
-You are learning what "my and mine" means. Today you looked at me and said "my mommy" with a proud smile and gave me a hug. Melt. My. Heart.

Will have to continue this list soon....


  1. oh bananna! how did we get to this place in our lives? It amazes me. I thought we were going to be nuns and start our own convent!!! lol... But God had other plans, didn't he? I am so happy for your budding fam. I love, love love it. I hope you are doing well. I miss you TREMEDOUSLY!

  2. Happy Birthday! I'm excited for you guys that you had family there to share this day with him. Your growing family is beautiful!