Friday, January 27, 2012

The Pookie Dance, So Big, and the One Legged Crawl

I started journaling about the kids instead of blogging because I felt that it was something both Gabe and I as well as the kids would treasure one day. Despite how much I convinced myself I was going to be more consistent about updating here, I couldn't keep up with both. Since we have all of our family so far away, I will at least put up videos that make us laugh and smile to share with you. This way, our loved ones won't feel like they are missing out on them growing up:)

Little Veronica has developed the sweetest temperament. So easy going, always smiling, and always chasing after Gabriel. They both love each other very much. These are the moments that make the challenging days worth it. 

I think I see some rhythm in her furture:)
Carrying on the Zuniga tradition of "So big" ;) She caught on quick.
This crawl is nothing like I have ever seen. I die laughing. She cross country skies with her arms while pushing with one leg. It works for her. So we applaud and let her do her thing;)

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