Thursday, March 17, 2011

Breakfast Vocab

Continuing my blog updates from the midnight sleepless spells during this last month of pregnancy....

Do you ever have days when you just watch videos of your kids over and over? I do this sometimes because nothing makes me smile or laugh more. Gabriel is such a blabber mouth, and I just love it. These days, he never stops talking. Only about half of it is words he knows and the other half is babble. He likes to be a part of the conversation. If Gabe and I are talking at dinner, he always has to join in, and we try to seriously respond to him;)

This video was over Christmas break in St. Louis practicing his breakfast vocabulary. He has always been a breakfast boy:) He would eat for an hour if I let him. Currently, eggs and bacon are his favorite breakfast food. (I have to cut him off after three eggs!)

1 comment:

  1. he is so so cute! I love hearing his little voice. Too cute.

    Gabe just learned to do the sign of the cross in preschool. It cracks me up to see his little pudgy hands doing it... and mixing it up and going in all directions. ha!