Monday, March 21, 2011

Our imaginary friends.

Some days I really can't believe I have a little toddler. I hope I always remember the sound of his voice and the endless babble and words he uses throughout the day to tell me stories, or make his toys come alive. He has quite the imagination. All of his stuffed animals are now his best friends....

 He wanted his sheep to wear his Brewers hat and tried very hard for ten minutes to figure out how to put on the hat and sit next to him without it falling off. He is just a little clumsy;) His chubby large hands are constantly squeezed. I cannot get enough.
"Bear" goes with him everywhere during the day. He brings him to breakfast and makes sure he gets something to eat, brings him to watch Thomas with him, makes him take a nap, and wear socks, and the latest and greatest....makes him sit on the pot and go poop. If I walk in the bathroom and bear is sitting on the potty, Gabriel informs me that bear is pooping.
I just wish I could put him in a bottle forever...I know that sounds crazy but I am sure moms can relate:D
Each day we watch him grow older and it only gets more fun though.
He seems to have turned a corner in maturity as if he knows a baby is coming.

He is ready to be a big brother.


  1. I can TOTALLY relate to wanting to put him in a bottle forever. I just told my dad yesterday that this time last year Eden was teeny tiny and incapable of doing anything for herself (she just turned 1 on the 4th of this month).

    PS - I love that you're updating a lot these days!!!!

  2. Your stories about Gaber are truly priceless, and you will be so grateful you wrote them down. I catching up with him on here!