Monday, March 28, 2011

PAT Program Fun- St. Patrick's Day

Kansas has a fantastic program called Parents as Teachers. Julie comes to visit us every month and shows us some fun age appropriate activities, and checks up on all Gaber's current skills;) Gabriel LOVES the attention, and the fun activities he gets to do. 
They also host play groups with really fun themed activities. This was St. Patrick's Day fun...
He wanted to find every little frog buried in the noodles. He could have sat here all morning!

Green Playdough that smelled good but didn't taste so good as he soon found out.
Christiana and Myla:)

Green Jello. He scraped the cup clean and asked for more of course. Completely content eating this while every other child listened to the book reading. Go figure! He looked like such a little boy this day and I just enjoyed watching him be one. He really loves all his little buddies he gets to see here.

Julie brought a giant piece of paper for him to color on. He likes to pretend he knows how to draw a "trianger" or a "sphare".

His vocabulary keeps cracking us up. His latest sayings include "Oh gosh!" followed by a series of babble, "Oh no, help!" when playing with his trains, "Oh cool!" involving anything he thinks deserves an exclamation point, and "Bye, See ya later!" which he says as we put him down for bed. 
Really, every day we learn and discover new things around here! :)


  1. haha! he is so cute. gabe says "aw man!" all the time now and it cracks us up. little boys are just so funny!

    I wonder if TN has a program like that? it sounds great!

  2. cute! When Novi was born I looked around for a program like that but couldnt find any. :( But if our little lady doesn't start talking we just might get our wish and end up with a speech therapist! haha. But seriously, I think she says mmmmmmm, two words at this point! Loved seeing all the new words and phrases your little man is saying.
    And shorts and a t-shirt!?!?! UNFAIR! We better get some of that soon! I will happy if we make it to 40 degrees today. ;/
    My guess is that your little one will make their arrival by next week!!! I am sure you are super duper excited!!!!

  3. When did I miss, all of these posts?!?! can't believe gabriel, is so big! He is too ooo ooo precious! that smile is all you girl! I can't wait to see the new babe! Thinking and praying for your safe delivery!